TWNTY-TWO®️ Takes today to celebrate the amazing career of one of the arguably best scorers to ever play the game of basketball. Carmelo Anthony started his basketball career playing for the high school Oak Hill, which then led to Mc Donald’s all American. Afterwards he went on to play for the university of Syracuse where he won a NCAA championship. Began his professional career with the Denver Nuggets , and ended his career playing for the Lakers. 19 professional NBA years Me7o became the 9th all time scoring leader in nba history, 10 time all star , numerous all nba teams, numerous scoring leader awards. He also went on to play for 4 Olympic teams and winning gold 3 times. Holds the record for most scored points for the New York Knicks. Melo has had an unbelievable career and here at TWNTY-TWO®️ we just would like to celebrate him in the best fashion we can which is our crowns. He’s been a strong supporter of our brand since 2015 and it was only right! Melo thank you for the amazing years and love you had for this game and for all the support of TWNTY-TWO®️ 

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