The Twnty Two Crew

Formed in 2014, Twnty Two is a brand comprised of a dopeness lover. Gary, thinks everything should be hot enough for you to rock anytime, anyplace and anyway you want. So the mission of our team is to make sure we create products that fits your fresh.


The homebase is New York City, but we are internationally zoned, as you'll see by the products on the horizon. To open a new brand in these times is usually frowned upon, as everybody has a new company making hats and tees and such, yet we love the aspect of creativity in clothing and accessories. With that, we had to throw our "hats" in the ring and bang with the best of them. 'Cause that's what we plan on being, the best of them.


As we double up with the Twnty Two movement, we urge you to trust us in bringing the best purchasing experience and styles to your attention. Join our journey and if you have already copped one of our pieces, thanks for your support.